Trump Announces His Biggest Priority. Makes Huge Sacriface In Return

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Trump will hold a press conference on December 15, officially announcing his retirement from his private business wanting to focus on running the country at the White House

According to Politico Trump said he wanted to give up the business wanting to Make America Great Again. At the same time he wants to be clean before the law in order to avoid conflicts of interest related to his business.

Legal documents are made completely out of business operations. He said that he will leave the business to his adult children,  willing to focus on the presidency.

Upcoming chief of staff at the White House Reince Priebus not said anything about the withdrawal of the Trump of his business career.

However, Priebus clarified that Donald Trump takes his job as a president very seriously.

Priebus also said Trump is the first president who has so many successful businesses across the country and that it would be difficult to give up his businesses.

If any of the children take the business should not be considered as part of the team of Trump at the White House including Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric.


We hope that Trump will do its best to preserve the ethics, regardless of who will take the business.

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