Petition To Ban Trump From Twitter With Over 20.000 Signatures

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The petition for the banning Trump`s Twitter existed for several months but became especially viral after the statement by Trump for people who burn the American flag should lose their citizenship or face imprisonment of one year.

Shirley Burns, who authored the petition Care2 lists the rules of Twitter in terms of attacking people based on race, religion, gender and more.
According to Burns, Trump violated one or more of the above rules and should therefore be removed from the Twitter community.

In 2015, Trump wrote that drug dealers, rapists and murderers arecoming through the southern border and asked when the US will stop this parody.

According to Daily Caller, Burns states that Donald Trump insulted 258 people, places and things using Twitter.

The petition states that Trump usingTwitter is spreading false information and propose monstrous ideas.

In the court case of the United States, Texas versus Johnson, where Johnson lights American flag that is protected by law which says that the burning of the US flag is a symbol speech and protected by the constitution.

Six of the last ten signatories of the petition to ban Trump Twitter said they live abroad or in Italy, South Africa, Serbia, Croatia …

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