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James Comey to testify only if allowed to do so publicly


The saga with former FBI director James Comey continues!

The recently fired FBI Director has stated that he is willing to testify on Capitol Hill but only if he is allowed to do it publicly.


According to mediate.com, James Comey recently rejected a call from the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify next Tuesday. However, Comey might just change his mind saying he is prepared to do the testimony but not behind the curtains.

James Comey’s testimony sometime next week would’ve reportedly been behind closed doors, but The New York Times reported that Comey is prepared to publicly testify.

The former FBI Director did not comment but he later rejected a call by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday to testify. One associate that is close to Comey said that James is ready to testify under one condition: to do so openly.

The former FBI head has avoided publicity, even though many leaks have been linked to individuals close to him reacting to different claims President Trump or his team members have made.

Specifically, as an answer to the President’s threatening post on Twitter regarding the tapes, a source close to James Comey said that he wishes there are tapes.

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ICE carries out biggest gang crackdown yet



The United States have been struggling with its battle against gang violence as approximately half of all felonies in this nation can be linked to it. ICE has commenced on a mission to fight this kind of illegal activity and they have not had a more successful operation in a long time.

At long last, we have a potus that is actually doing something about this.

Fox News recently reported that an gang operation led by the ICE has managed to arrest over 1,300 people nationwide, stated the department on Thursday.

The operation that lasted six weeks and was aided by local law enforcement partners, was the most extensive gang raid ever carried out, ICE reported. ICE originally targeted hostile and threatening gang affiliates involved in human trafficking, murder, sex trafficking, smuggling weapons and humans and racketeering, but 280 people were apprehended due to immigration-related felonies.

Out of the 1,378 individuals detained, 1,095 were associated with violent gangs that include the Bloods, the Surenos, the Crips, and MS-13.

The raid eventually ended in the confiscation of over 230 weapons, almost 800 ounces of cocaine, over 8,000 ounces of marijuana and around $490,000 in cash.

Even though most of the people apprehended were U.S. citizens, over 400 come from foreign countries and it is not sure if they were in the country as documented citizens.

Eight of the ten people who crossed the border were members of the deadly MS-13 crime organization, the release stated. FOX Business reported that MS-13 members frequently look for a loophole in the immigration law a.k.a. Unaccompanied Minors Program, in order to gather members.

According to the ICE, who has dedicated a section of its statement to the MS-13 organization, claimed that it has managed to apprehend 4,300 criminals and another 3,000 civil arrests of affiliates to the MS-13.

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North Korea conducts ballistic missile test amid rising tensions with U.S.



It seems North Korea has not yet got the message President Trump’s administration has been trying to send. The hermit kingdom’s defiant and insolent actions may soon plunge the world in a nuclear war.

CNBC news reported that the rogue state has just fired a missile from its west coast, stated South Korean military officials, and the same information was later also confirmed by U.S. officials.

One official from the South Korean military stated that it is still unclear what kind of a missile was fired.

According to Yonhap news agency, it seems it is a ballistic missile in question, but so far three U.S. officials told NBC News that North Korea has fired another projectile.

The test happened in a region called Kusong that is on the northwest of the country’s capital city Pyongyang, where the despotic state formerly tested its intermediate range missile that is thought to be forming up.

This latest test-fire by North Korea, which is suspected of being a ballistic missile launch, is the country’s first test following their last, unsuccessfully fired missile.

This is a developing story. Be sure to stay with us for any updates. We’ll see soon enough just how far Trump is willing to let Kim Jong-un go.

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It was Obama, not Russian hackers that interfered in the election


Former President Obama is a real pain in the butt with his relentless criticism against President Donald Trump and how Trump’s alleged contact and coordinate effort with Russian officials was the reason Hillary lost the presidential election back in November. Like Hillary had a chance of winning, yeah right!

All of us remember too well how Obama wanted to change our minds regarding the wiretapping allegations against him, but Trump had his reasons to believe Obama did in fact bug the Trump Tower during the presidential election. Barrack maintained that he had proof of Trump’s affiliation with Russian diplomats, saying that he had to submit the surveillance request.

Barrack Obama and his loyal political ally, Hillary Clinton both asserted that it was Russian hackers that interfered in U.S. affairs. The two were pretty outspoken about the whole hacking part, they even had us fooled for a second.

It turns out the Russians did not affect the presidential election as much as Obama and his Democratic Party did. It is truly pathetic to see how Democrats tried, failed and passed on the blame to Russia for for their futile attempt to influence the election in order for Hillary to win. They are on the verge of losing all dignity.

According to recent reports, there were many attempts to manipulate the Indiana state electoral system and none of those endeavors was orchestrated by Trump or Russian hackers.

The Department of Homeland Security under Obama’s supervision tried affection the system while now Vice President was still serving as governor.

The DHS tried to hack Indiana’s electoral system with over 14,800 “scans” in the period between November 1 and December 16.

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Bill Maher tracks Comey’s firing back to Bill Clinton



Bill Maher, a liberal comedian, stated that former president Bill Clinton is to blame for events that eventually resulted in the removal of James Comey.

Bill said on HBO that most of the scandals that Comey caused in the last several months as the FBI Director may be tracked back to Bill Clinton visiting Barrack Obama’s attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix.

“Comey had to say what he did [in July 2016 about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation] because the attorney general had to recuse herself because [Bill Clinton] walked on her plane,” the comedian stated.

“Bill once again [expletive]’ed-up his wife’s life,” he further said.


Bill Maher argued that should Bill Clinton had not boarded Loretta’s plane on the Sky Harbor Airport tarmac for a couple of minutes without a third person joining them, Lynch would’ve held the severely criticized conference instead of James Comey.

During the press conference in July, James Comey listed the incriminating aspects in the investigation against Hillary Clinton but, eventually, decided not to press charges against her for her reckless way of handling confidential data.

Bill stated that when James Comey made a second statement before the presidential election about how his organization was going through emails related to Clinton discovered on the computer of Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, Democrats wished to see Comey gone from the Bureau.

According to Maher, the backlash that Comey endured gave Trump a “talking point” after he successfully agreed to their wishes and ousted James Comey on Wednesday.

“Let’s put the blame where it belongs,” added Bill Maher.


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Gowdy among first choices to replace James Comey

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questions U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on "White House Perimeter Breach: New Concerns about the Secret Service" on Capitol Hill in Washington September 30, 2014. U.S. lawmakers scolded the head of the U.S. Secret Service on Tuesday over a security breach that allowed a knife-wielding intruder to run deep into the White House, and Director Julia Pierson promised them it would never happen again. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) - RTR48DUK


President has recently sacked FBI Director James Comey in what seems to be a daring action. Trump did not hesitate to remove the FBI Director, a decision that infuriated many liberals and Democrats across the nation. Funny how some of these progressives have themselves asked for Comey’s withdrawal.

However, they all of a sudden started to complain after Trump sacked Comey. Just another day in the hypocritical world of liberals. However, there were also those who praised President Trump’s controversial decision as they hold the same view as Trump and think Comey was just not doing a good job investigating President Trump and his contacts with Russian diplomats during the presidential election.


However, there have been talks of many potential candidates that could compete for the open slot. Some of the people that have been mentioned is South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy. However, Gowdy already has a significant job in the government and he will have a difficult time choosing between keeping his job as Congressman or accepting a position as the FBI Director, if offered.

Gowdy himself has shown interest in this job and many polls have pointed to him as a serious contender for the empty FBI slot. Gowdy loves and knows the law; conservatives are extremely fond of him and would definitely take Gowdy into consideration for the hot seat as the FBI Director.

No matter who President Donald Trump chooses in the end, that person must be approved by the Senate. Some of the potential choices for the position are more eligible than others but, whoever it may be in the end, it will be a person with an impeccable record and rich experience in judiciary matters.

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James Comey and his brother involved in shady activities with Clinton Foundation prior to Comey’s FBI appointment



While the whole situation with James Comey slowly settles down, new upsetting links between Hillary Clinton and James Comey have been revealed.

Most notably, now former FBI Director Comey’s brother is an attorney for the company that handles the taxes of the Clinton Foundation – and that is just one of the many possible links.


James Comey worked as an attorney for Lockheed Martin till 2010. While he worked there, he had has collected more than $6 million. Now, with Comey gone, the company decided to become part of the Clinton Foundation.

When Lockheed Martin began working with the Clinton Global Initiative, they were given 17 significant contracts from then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton.


When he left Lockheed Martin as an affluent man, Comey was engaged in the board of the British financial institution HSBC Holdings, an associate bank of the Clinton Foundation.

James and Peter Comey seem to have worked coordinately so their pay-for-play actions would not exposed. James Comey holds his brother’s mortgage in Virginia. Their actions are completely brazen and shameless. They hadn’t even attempted to hide them.


James Comey’s brother is the “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper, a law firm from Washington that was investigating the Clinton Foundation back in 2015.

The Washington-based law firm is one of the biggest sponsors of Hillary’s election campaigns. However, regardless of this link, DLA Piper still handles the taxes of the Clinton Foundation and this is a typical example of conflict of interests.

Basically, James Comey had a direct financial link to Hillary Clinton through his brother’s law firm. This pro-Hillary organization rewarded the Comey brothers with payments while then-FBI Director Comey was seemingly handling the probe into Hilary’s illegal use of a private email server for work.

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FBI Agent Association endorses Mike Rogers as Comey’s replacement


The the FBI Agent Association that represents more than 13,000 active and former agents demand that President Trump appoints Mike Rogers, the former House Intelligence Committee Chairman, as the next FBI Director.

“Chairman Rogers exemplifies the principles that should be possessed by the next FBI Director,” said the president of the Association, Thomas F. O’Connor.

“It is essential that the next FBI Director understand the details of how Agents do their important work. Mike Rogers’ background as a Special Agent, veteran of the armed forces and former member of Congress sets him apart as someone capable of confronting the wide array of challenges facing our help ensure that the Bureau remains the world’s premiere law enforcement agency.

“Rogers’ unique and diverse experience will allow him to effectively lead the men and women of the Bureau as we work to protect our country from criminal and terrorist threats,” explained O’Connor. “During his time in Congress he showed a commitment to confronting threats to our country in a nonpartisan and collaborative manner.”

He laid out principles for the appointment of a new head of the FBI that have been endorsed by many of the Association’s agents nationwide. The four principles are as follow:

  1.  FBI Special Agents are central to the core mission of the Bureau.
  2.  Effectively combating 21 St century crimes requires bridging counterterrorism and traditional criminal investigation efforts.
  3.  Understanding and respecting the work of Agents enables the Director to advocate more effectively for the Bureau.
  4. Seeking Agent input on issues that impact lives in the field strengthens the Bureau.

“Agents are essential to the Bureau’s primary mission of protecting our country from a wide array of threats ranging from street gangs and mortgage fraud to cyber espionage and foreign and domestic terrorists,” O’Connor explained. “The next Director must remain committed to the centrality of the Special Agent to the Bureau’s mission.”

Mike Rogers served as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee from 2011 to 2014 and has served in the House of Representatives before that.

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JUST IN: O’Reilly Started Talking, Reveals What TRULY Occurred At Fox


The dismissal of Bill O’Reilly was a political measure. The ex- Fox News anchor received multiple sexual harassment claims. He finally felt comfortable talking about the issue.

O’Reilly shared with host Glenn Beck, on Friday, that his termination was due to a broader movement to disbalance and silence the right. “It has to do with destroying voices that the far left and the organized left-wing cabal doesn’t like,” O’Reilly said. (from NBC)

Luckily, unlike the rest of the victims of left-wing regime, O’Reilly is not just going to accept this and go away quietly.

O’Reilly made a vow to Beck that he will legally purse action against his firing. (from CBS)

While gossip is spreading that Bill O’Reilly was sexually harassing his female colleagues had been circling for some time, it is insightful to note that his dismissal comes not long after Fox News undertook a huge change at the very top.

James Murdoch, the channel’s new head honcho, is a well-known liberal who seems interested in reshaping the station to represent he and his family’s views. (from The Hollywood Reporter)

Furthermore, the wives of James and Lachlan Murdoch played a significant role in O’Reilly’s ousting. Both women are known to be liberal progressives; therefore, targeting O’Reilly was a natural extension of their personal politics. (from New York Daily News)

The saga of Bill O’Reilly exposes one of the Left’s ploys against the Right in the wake of a resounding Trump victory in 2016.

By slowly making Fox News an instrument of the left, Democrats and others intend to elliminate any conservative or reasonable voice in the popular media. Thankfully, this move is just partially relevant because of the internet being the place for freedom of speech and unstoppable truth. On the other hand it would still limit the access of millions of Americans to patriotic ideas and beliefs.

The Left is also in quest of infiltrating the Trump administration by using their deep state agents. The deep state will restlessly work to interfere with Trump’s plan.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have also become targets of the Left on several occasions, regardless of their fairly brief time in the limelight. The same way, the Left’s implications that the Murdoch wives said to their husbands to dispose of the meanie O’Reilly, many have attempted to create an unflattering story about Ivanka and Jared. Liberals wish to ruin them for the purpose of hurting the president.

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Newt Gingrich Pointed Fingers On Live TV


Ever since the time Donald Trump took over, his administration has been struck by substantial leaks. Therefore, Newt Gingrich went on Fox News to expose the culprit responsible for them.

Subject Politics informed that Gingrich revealed that the government is flooded by Obama appointees who after his retirement rooted for Hillary Clinton. These people are preoccupied with getting Trump impeached no matter what.

“Let’s put context in reality,” he stated. “95% of all federal employee donations went to Hillary Clinton. 97% of all the donations at the Justice Department went to Hillary Clinton. 99% at the State Department went to Hillary. So when you start talking about leaks from the Justice Department, just remember, there was an amazing number of career bureaucrats who are pro-Hillary and anti-Trump.”

He continued to bash the lying popular media.
“There’s an entire wing of the news media who wakes up every morning and says, ‘I know Trump did something horrible, what was it?”

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