How Obama Destroyed America in 6 ways!

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In the following text you will notice that the 44 President has done a lot of damage on America’s economy,education,health,…This shows up how bad Obama has been.America is strong nation and with the new President we will make America great again.

According to AngryPatriot there are few of the numerous ways, showing that Obama has failed as the commander in chief

1.During the rule of Obama, student loan debt has increased significantly.The cost to go to school and the debt are burdened with at least a decade, if they come to the conclusion that college is not right for them.That has destroyed the credit rating of tens of thousands of Americans a few months or a few years after 18th birthday.

2.During the rule of Obama,a lot of people are on food stamps.Now we have more Americans living outside the taxpayer-funded program, than are actually paying into the system.– The number of Americans on food stamps hit a record high while Barack Obama was in office. There are now more people living off the taxpayer-funded “benefit” program than are actually paying into the system.

3.Obama has made more debt than the previous 43 presidents together

4.Into the lowest levels has fallen the number of able-bodied Americans of working age actually employed .Because of the weakness of the economy the employed people often are under-employed,they have no hope of enhance  with their careers.

5.Printing more money!That’s what he do when he spend more than he earn.Fiscally irresponsible behavior is actually legal,if you are the federal government.

6.Also, healthe insurance costs have been increased!6.7 milion Americans are being sued by IRS agents for breaking the Obamacare law!Because the monthly premium was higher than their mortgage  these people could not get a policy.

Thanks  to the previous 6 paragraphs we can come up with conclusion that Barack Obama has failed as POTUS.A lot of Americans are saying that he is the worst mistake  ever happend to USA.


SOURCE AngryPatriot