Meryl Streep goes Against Donald Trump Golden Globes speech


Perhaps y’all have heard at this point Meryl Streep went up before the Golden Globes the previous evening and talked poop on Trump for an entire 6 minutes in a row. She truly couldn’t quiets down!

All things considered, on the off chance that she thought she could escape with it, she was dead off-base. Did Trump return swinging, as well as all of Twitter appeared to be on his side!

You know he is correct as well. I’m not saying Trump’s alleged “impression” of the person was pleasant, however it’s the SAME damn impression he does of EVERYBODY!

What’s more, similar to I said, Twitter appeared to have Trump’s back.For example, Meghan McCain tweeted,

While Breshna Mehsud said,


I think they essentially hit that one dead on. Meryl Streep’s discourse the previous evening indicated everything that is the issue with Hollywood and the way they consider themselves. (H/T – Daily Mail)

Why or what does this old wanna be think that she can do about anything ! The American people has finally gotten their belly full of these so-called self entitled idiots that think they are actually important !

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