WATCH:Great News From Big US Company During Trump Rally…The Crowd Was Cheering

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Finally someone wants to put Americans back to work! Great job Mr. Trump!Protecting jobs in America and making new ones, for long time, were main theme on Donald Trump’s campaign.

Now,Trump made another success.Andrew Liveris,Mich., Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO during the rally in Grand Rapids reported that 200 jobs will be opened Michigan,which 100 of them will be created by Dow, and the other 100 jobs the company would bring back from overseas.

“Let’s make America great again by building great things  in America,” reported Liveris.

“We’re going to use American hard work and American dreams and we’re going to fight for the Dow company in the U.S.A.”-another statement from

“That’s what’s going to happen, folks.You’re going to get jobs. They’re coming back. They’re going to come back to Michigan.”

In the following video you can watch  the Liveris’s speech during the rally :

This is a beautiful speech by Liveris and President Elect Trump.America supports what you are doing in regards to surrounding yourself with great minds of business.Better days are ahead for the good old USA.

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