FBI and the Russian hacks

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If anything was hacked, we belive that the Democrats were behind it.The guilty always pointing fingers in another direction.

According to LibertyWriters, today was reveald that FBI never checked the email servers of the DNC, despite their statement that they know that Russia hacked the Democrats.Federal law enforcement counts on informations, that a private computer security company, Crowdstrike, collected from the device.

As LibertyWriters reported, FBI did “a big load of NOTHING”, because they are relied their Russian story on what one private company told them.

Interesting is that the founder of Crowdstrike is Russian “computer specialist” Dmitri Alperovitch.
LibertyWriters concluded that FBI did no research of their own,they just took a private Russian hacking specialist’s word. They wrote that “US INTELLIGENCE IS NOT DOING THEIR JOB!” and we are here to totally agree with them.

There is some reality checks:

Americans are sure about one thing:that Trump won fair and square.Putin is not the one who got all those people to attend his rallies.

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