FBI agents say Comey obstructed Hillary Clinton’s email investigation

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James Comey’s testimony on Thursday was a great disappointment for Democrats, and exposed Comey as treated President Trump unfairly, refusing to properly investigate Hillary Clinton while insisting to investigate Trump’s team members.

Chris Farrell of the Judicial Watch says that former and current FBI agents have told him in private that James Comey was a “dirty cop.” Talking to Lou Dobbs on his Fox News show, Farrell also reprimanded Comey for overstepping his oath of office by releasing information from the notorious “memo,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

More anonymous FBI staffers are allegedly prepared to testify that James Comey tried to influence the probe into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email.

Once Comey declared that the Bureau would not indict Hillary, word spread of a likely protest among the FBI rank and file.

“This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have convened but was not. That is appalling,” said about the decision an FBI special agent who has worked public corruption and criminal cases. “We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”

The FBI agent was also alarmed that the organization failed to search Hillary’s house during the probe.

“We didn’t search their house. We always search the house. The search should not just have been for private electronics, which contained classified material, but even for printouts of such material,” he remarked.

“There should have been a complete search of their residence,” argued the FBI agent. “That the FBI did not seize devices is unbelievable. The FBI even seizes devices that have been set on fire.”

A different special agent at the FBI that had worked counter-terrorism and criminal cases stated he is insulted by James Comey saying:”we” and “I’ve been an investigator.”

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