Nunes: “There was never any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians”

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Devin Nunes, the House Intel Committee Chairman, delivered a speech at the Orange County Republican Party’s yearly Flag Day Salute dinner where he disparaged the current probe into President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

Nunes’ whole speech was a piece of work by itself , but one sentence in specific stood out, “There was never any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.”

Nunes then called on Democrats to “stop chasing Russian ghosts around the closet” and start serving the country instead. It was Nunes who first revealed the story of how the Obama administration eavesdropped on Trump’s campaign team, and has expressed his doubts that Trump had anything to do with any potential Russian interference in U.S. affairs.

Devin discussed the criticism he received by the media following those comments:

I said ‘OK, I don’t think there’s any collusion here.’ And what happened to me? All the major papers in the country did a total character assassination on me. Why? Because I was telling the truth, that there was never any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.”

Nunes went on to say that he was just one of the many conservatives targeted by the media:

“Every night there’s a news story that runs that … has something in common. It’s anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and promotes this nonsense that you’re seeing with protesters everywhere. And they continue to promote it, which continues to promote violence.”

Tell ’em Nunes! The entire Russia investigation has gotten out of hand, and the more evidence that piles up pointing to President Trump’s innocence, the more desperate Democrats are to find literally anything to substantiate their delusions.

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