Today Democrats made it clear they have no idea why they lost the elections in 2016.

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According to YoungCons, you should look at a graph to understand that Democrats are not on the same page as the American people, and thus President Obama lost more seats for his party than any president in modern history.

Hillary Clinton lost reliably blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan because she was completely out of touch with what working class voters were looking for.

Hillary Clinton was completely out of touch with what the working class voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan were looking for, so she lost.

Democrats how they respond to this lost battle this month?

Аs a leader in the House of Representatives re-elected Nancy Pelosi.

Talk about tone deaf.

Here’s how the House Republicans reacted to that news


Couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

Are you kidding me?

Will Ricciardella from Unbiased America explained it perfectly…


Problems like this will bring the Democrats lose a lot more choices if they did not figure it out.

Everything that is wrong with the Democrat Party Nancy Pelosi represents.Want to know why Donald Trump is president?

You can see it in video below: