Lynch’s DOJ allowed Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya entry in the US without a visa

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The mysterious Russian lawyer that had met with Donald Trump Jr. and other associates of President Trump including Congressmen, reporters, State Department employees, in an alleged attempt to share damaging information on Hillary Clinton, was originally allowed entrance in the U.S. by the Department of Justice run under former Attorney General under Obama, Loretta Lynch.

This puts a major gap in the Democrats’ theory that Trump had anything to do with sabotaging Hillary Clinton during the presidential election last year as it was Lynch, an Obama appointee, that allowed the lawyer to enter the U.S. without a visa in the first place.

Later on, a meeting was arranged by a Russian intermediary between Trump Jr. and the lawyer that was only recently revealed and made the Trump-Russia case even more dramatic than it really is.

Several days after the meeting in the Trump tower between Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Kremlin-linked attorney attended a House Foreign Affairs Committee testimony in Washington, reveals a footage of the testimony.

Veselnitskaya was also part of a Russian lobbying campaign and was present at an event at the Newseum in D.X. where Russians played a film that opposed the foundations of the Magnitysky Act, an American human rights bill that Putin has condemned and tried to revoke.

And Veselnitskaya also attended a dinner with the chairman of the House subcommittee overseeing Russia policy, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and roughly 20 other guests at a dinner club frequented by Republicans.

Veselnitskaya was also present at a dinner with the Republican member of Congress of California Dana Rohrabacher, the Chair of the House Subcommittee supervising the Russian law, with about 20 other guests at a dinner club habitually visited by members of the GOP.

On Wednesday, during a discussion with The Hill, Rohrabacher remarked, “There was a dinner at the Capitol Hill Club here with about 20 people. I think I was the only congressman there. They were talking about the Magnitysky case. But that wasn’t just the topic. There was a lot of other things going on. So I think she was there but I don’t remember any type of conversation with her between us. But I understand she was at the table.”

He said he thinks Russian attorney Veselnitskaya and her associates in the U.S. that include former Democratic Representative Ronald Dellums were trying to influence other legislators to repeal the Magnitsky Act and reinstate the possibility of U.S. citizens to adopt children from Russia suspended by Moscow.

“I don’t think this was very heavily lobbied at all compared with the other issues we deal with,” he said.

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