Sebastian Gorka says Clinton Campaign communicated with Ukraine officials to undermine Trump

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On Wednesday, Sebastian Gorka, a member of the United States national security advisory staff in the Trump administration, told Breitbart News host Alex Marlow about the imminent victory over the Islamic State in Mosul, some countries’ attempts to oppose President Trump’s stance on immigration regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate some of the ban’s features, and attempts by Ukranian diplomats to help Hillary in the 2016 Presidential election in the U.S.

Here’s Gorka’s view on the recent revelation about a meeting Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian attorney to allegedly obtain incriminating information on Hillary Clinton, “Let’s compare that to the DNC, to the Hillary campaign that actually sends one of its operatives to the Ukrainian embassy to collect oppo research, to actually collect it and then coordinates with members of that foreign government attacks on our campaign.”

“So again,” Gorka went on, “the news media would have you look at something that doesn’t exist, while the actual real news story is never given any time on channels such as CNN.”


Even though he is part of Trump’s cabinet, Gorka has been an impartial professional which is why there’s no reason why we shouldn’t believe his comments.

The probe into the Russian meddling has, so far, not yielded one piece of solid evidence that proves any wrongdoing by Trump or his associates’, and there’s no reason why we should suspect otherwise.

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