Shocking Statement About CIA’s Hacking Claims, Obama FURIOUS…


The Democrats just can’t acknowledge the truth that Republican Donald Trump won the presidential decision more than two-time washout Hillary Clinton. Furthermore unnerving is the way that some backstabbing Republicans who never favored Trump can’t acknowledge it either.

These Republicans, similar to Senators Jeff Flake and Mitch McConnell, are utilizing the CIA’s late report saying that the decision was by one means or another hacked by Russia as a negotiating tool to get their favored foundation individuals named to key bureau posts like Secretary of State rather than the most qualified applicants that Trump underpins. Exactly when these Democrats and backstabber Republicans thought they had Trump cornered with these CIA smears, they got hit with an overwhelming measurements of awful news.

What many individuals won’t not know is that the United States government has another key knowledge unit close by the CIA. It’s known as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Best authorities from ODNI have since approached to state how the CIA’s report about assumed Russian hacking is risky.

Expressed the ODNI authority to Reuters, “ODNI is not contending that the office (CIA) isn’t right, just that they can’t demonstrate plan. Obviously they can’t, truant operators in on the basic leadership in Moscow.”

The authority proceeded with that the CIA’s determination was a “judgment in view of the way that Russian elements hacked both Democrats and Republicans and just the Democratic data was spilled. (It was) a thin reed whereupon to base an explanatory judgment.” These announcement shed uncertainty on what President Obama and his colleagues have been attempting to spread as reality.

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